Scenes from the Glittering World is a meditation on adolescence, place, and the end of the world.

Filmed at the most remote high school in the continental United States, at the farthest edge of the Navajo Nation, this film shares the stories of Indigenous youth as they grapple with ambitious dreams, their family responsibilities, and the isolated nature of their community — all while the school itself faces existential questions about its purpose and future.
Our central storytellers are three Navajo youth, Granite, Ilii, and Noah.
Granite is a 14-year old struggling to find purpose at school and at home after the death of his younger brother. Ilii is a freshman, new to the school after moving from Las Vegas, who doesn’t know if her family and community will accept her if she openly embraces her queerness. Noah is a senior who may not graduate, due in part to his marathon sessions playing Fortnite, which he hopes to spin into a professional gaming career. These young people balance their histories, their daily responsibilities of family and school, and their imaginations for their futures, which all seem to teeter precariously on the edge of their worlds.